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Summer Volunteer Programs In Thailand For 2018

The Summer Volunteer Program is perfectly suitable for the first timers as well as experienced adventurers alike, who wish to explore Thailand responsibly. be a part of the program and enjoy a bustling weekend in Bangkok where you will see the best sights, experience the fun-filled nightlife and help support the city’s underprivileged communities.

Watch the countryside roll by as you travel towards the Elephant Capital, Surin. Here, you will discover the importance of Surin’s beautiful Silk trade and then get some amazing ‘face to trunk’ time, living amongst the elephants as part of one of Thailand’s friendliest communities. Spend quality time with the mahouts (caretakers of elephants) and know more about their daily lives.

Before heading back to Bangkok, it’s time to challenge yourself by trekking through one of Thailand’s most beautiful national parks in a true Indiana Jones style! You'll then be back to Bangkok to bid a sad farewell – or maybe not? If you’re not ready to leave just yet, why not join us for another 7-days' party on the beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan!

The exciting joyride in Thailand is calling all high school/ college students, gap year travelers, and backpackers! Visit:

Agency: Volunteering Solutions | date posted: Nov 2, 2017 | date to expire: Jul 31, 2018 |


REVEL mentors are energetic, positive role models to their peers with autism and who help provide guidance and a fun time for our REVELers at The Lounge. Mentors are the heart of our community by inspiring the group to try new adventures and build meaningful relationships. We rock climb, cook, work out, play music and much more!

All mentors are required to go through REVEL’s mentor training process and must pass a background check. Mentors will be closely supervised and supported throughout their time at REVEL.

Agency: REVEL | date posted: Nov 29, 2017 | date to expire: Aug 31, 2018 |

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