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Volunteer Work and Cultural Exchange Opportunities in Africa

- Volunteer to teach in rural schools - Volunteer to build community projects - Volunteer with orphaned kids

Agency: Ethical Encounters - Volunteers Holidays! | date posted: Apr 23, 2013 | date to expire: Mar 30, 2018 |

Rebuilding Primary School Classrooms for rural community

The main component is Education infrastructure for Rural Primary schools. It is necessary to give to the community children the conditions of quality and access to education in order to avoid desertion and child labour. Painting Digging Building Mixing Cemment

Agency: Reto Juvenil Internacional / Youth Challenge International | date posted: Sep 12, 2016 | date to expire: Dec 1, 2017 |

Corn Maze

Our huge Corn Maze assumes a new shape every year at Chatfield Farms to ensure plenty of twists and turns. Volunteers are needed to take admission tickets, help check wristbands, facilitate fun family activities and more.

Agency: Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms | date posted: Aug 16, 2017 | date to expire: Oct 29, 2017 |

Elementary School Carnival and Fun Run

Some happy and enthusiastic volunteers are needed to help with the carnival and fun run. The volunteer opportunity is fun for DU students, friends of DU students, or faculty/staff. You can donate just a few hours of your time to join us at the carnival and fun run. Volunteers will be doing things like helping to run a game for kids, handing out prizes, pouring lemonade, etc. Most positions require standing, but if a volunteer needs to sit down, we can surely accommodate that. The event is about 2.5 hours long, from about 12:00-2:30 pm or so. Volunteers can come for all or part of that time--even just 1 hour is very helpful! Volunteers can also work together as partners if they would prefer that. Your help and energy is much appreciated!

Agency: University Park Elementary School - Carnival and Fun Run! | date posted: Aug 23, 2017 | date to expire: Oct 18, 2017 |

Help Teach Kids the ABCs - Remotely

We are producing a series of videos with people speaking and singing the ABCs for young children. College students would be such a great experience for young children to see doing the ABCs. These new experiences helps them to learn and remember quickly. Help us teach kids by using your phone or recorder to video yourself (selfie) and or friends or teachers saying or singing the ABC song in a fun way for young kids ages 3 to 5. First introduce yourself and say what you are studying, and explain what that is to a 5 yr. old. Then proceed to speak the alphabet and when you get to the letter of your first name, say "and my name starts with the letter....", then ask the camera, (5 yr.old kid watching) "what does your name start with?"...pause for a moment as if you're listening to them respond.... and continue saying the ABCs. Then sing it! Let it shine in your own style. If you play an instrument, play it! It you're in a band, video the band doing their own special version, if you're in the choir, let's hear those voices sing the ABCs! - Thanks!

Agency: KIDS INC. | date posted: Aug 25, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 1, 2017 |

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