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Rural Community Development

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Agency: YOUTH AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATION | date posted: Jul 29, 2011 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2016 |

Be Part of Ending Hunger In Your Community

Metro Caring is Denver's leading hunger relief organization and volunteers play a vital role in our success. We have several flexible volunteer opportunities for you. Specifically volunteer are welcome to serve as a warehouse or market assistant.

- Market Assistant: This position will help participants select food items while they shop in our market. It is a customer service focused position and is great for volunteers who want to interact with participants.

- Warehouse Assistant: Volunteers in our warehouse will help will help inspect, clean, sort and box food donation deliverers. This area does not require heavy lifting. Great experience for group who want to work together.

Agency: Metro Caring | date posted: Oct 6, 2015 | date to expire: Jan 1, 2019 |

Companionship volunteer

Companionship, reading, life review with people in our Brookdale facilites.

Agency: Brookdale Hospice | date posted: Dec 14, 2015 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2016 |

Direct Patient Volunteer

Seeking volunteers to provide company for The Denver Hospice patients at this Nursing Home by just being present in good conversation, playing card games, reading books, or just being present. Residents who have life limiting illness will enjoy the activities run by volunteers as it is an integral part of bringing the feeling of home to the facility.

Agency: The Denver Hospice | date posted: Feb 25, 2016 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2016 |

Variuos opportunities. Discussing politics, history, health issues

Presentation of various topics with hand outs and slide show if able. One hour presentation to elderly population.

Agency: Porter Place | date posted: Aug 29, 2016 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2016 |

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