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Volunteer Opportunities

Community Outreach and Fundraising Intern:

Find, create, and nurture relationships with like-minded organizations, events, and businesses in order to expand DFR’s impact. Responsibilities include: Educate the community on DFR’s mission and programming via event tabling and public speaking opportunities; Connect with events that will supply new potential donors and stakeholders; Discover fundraising opportunities both locally and online; Create fundraising events.

Skills: public speaking, research, networking, event planning, fundraising experience,

Agency: Denver Food Rescue | date posted: Mar 26, 2015 | date to expire: Jun 30, 2017 |

Volunteer Outreach and Management Intern

Help our volunteer based organization to maintain a happy volunteer crew. Responsibilities include: Assist volunteer coordinator with volunteer acquisition and retention; Work with community outreach intern to create volunteer acquisition campaigns; Train new volunteers; Be available as a substitute for food pick up shifts; Manage software to track volunteers, shifts, and rescued food statistics; Maintain bike trailer locations at rescue sites and make needed repairs.

Agency: Denver Food Rescue | date posted: Mar 26, 2015 | date to expire: Apr 30, 2017 |

Community Outreach and Education

Educate the public on local and state issues by walking door to door and calling citizens in the community.

Agency: Americans for Prosperity | date posted: Mar 10, 2016 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

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