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Volunteer Opportunities

ReStore Volunteer

Join our ReStore staff for a morning or afternoon of helping customers, assisting our drivers as they pick up donations or organizing the ReStore warehouse dock, yard, and floor. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to work hard and be apart of Habitat's mission.

Agency: Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver | date posted: Nov 6, 2013 | date to expire: Jul 1, 2020 |

Be Part of Ending Hunger In Your Community

Metro Caring is Denver's leading hunger relief organization and volunteers play a vital role in our success. We have several flexible volunteer opportunities for you. Specifically volunteer are welcome to serve as a warehouse or market assistant.

- Market Assistant: This position will help participants select food items while they shop in our market. It is a customer service focused position and is great for volunteers who want to interact with participants.

- Warehouse Assistant: Volunteers in our warehouse will help will help inspect, clean, sort and box food donation deliverers. This area does not require heavy lifting. Great experience for group who want to work together.

Agency: Metro Caring | date posted: Oct 6, 2015 | date to expire: Jan 1, 2019 |

Community Outreach and Education

Educate the public on local and state issues by walking door to door and calling citizens in the community.

Agency: Americans for Prosperity | date posted: Mar 10, 2016 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

Impact volunteers

Volunteers might help us set up and work at various events through out the year, write letters to the editor about campaign issues, help gather petition signatures for campaign, and build coalitions on campus

Agency: Impact! | date posted: Sep 23, 2016 | date to expire: Aug 31, 2018 |

Projects Team

Extreme Community Makeover is a movement of volunteers working in partnership with residents of specific Denver neighborhoods to complete home and neighborhood improvement projects. These projects include graffiti removal, landscaping, painting, yard work, or other projects identified by the residents. Groups such as churches, companies, families, and schools may participate, or individuals can take part. Equally important as fences that are built are the relationships being built—between the volunteers and community members, among the neighbors on a block, and between the community and resources in their neighborhood.

Agency: Extreme Community Makeover | date posted: Feb 16, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

Neighborhood Team

The Neighborhood Team will create a strategic approach to community relations as it will consist of community residents in each of the neighborhoods where ECM works. The goal of resident involvement will strengthen the impact ECM has in long-term community building efforts. Each of the neighborhoods will then have their own team that can get the word out about future Work Days in their neighborhood, while building relationships amongst neighbors.

Agency: Extreme Community Makeover | date posted: Feb 16, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

Survey Team

The Survey Team will include bilingual speakers to help translate during projects with our Spanish speaking neighbors. This team will also initiate relationships with community residents through being part of the Survey Day and being a resource to the groups as they are out knocking on doors to identify projects since team members will be familiar with how to approach these conversations.

Agency: Extreme Community Makeover | date posted: Feb 17, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

Communications Team

The Communications Team will tell stories through talking to residents and volunteers during Work Days in order to learn about their experience with ECM and offer a glimpse into the work being done and relationships being formed. The team member will come up with a blog post after each Work Day, which could be a written article, photo article, video, or combination of all of the above, within 3-5 days after the Work Day is complete.

Agency: Extreme Community Makeover | date posted: Feb 17, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team will assist with fundraising events. The goal on Work Days will be to a build relationship with the Group Leader by serving as a resource to them throughout the day, while trying to facilitate further fundraising opportunities after the Work Day. Team members will connect with local businesses in the communities where we volunteer, and individual volunteers, in order to identify donors and financial partners for future Work Days.

Agency: Extreme Community Makeover | date posted: Feb 17, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

Supplies Team

The Supplies Team will develop relationships with businesses that can provide project supplies at discounted prices or at no cost. The team will provide these resources to residents and volunteer groups so they can utilize the benefits and educate other team members and residents about how to obtain these supplies. During Work Days, team members will oversee the inventory of supplies borrowed from ECM.

Agency: Extreme Community Makeover | date posted: Feb 17, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

Tutor a Child, Change a Life

Tutors meet with the same student for 1 hour each week to build foundational literacy skills and the confidence that they can succeed in school.

Agency: Reading Partners Colorado | date posted: May 10, 2017 | date to expire: Apr 30, 2018 |

social enterprise and community outreach

These volunteers will staff booths with Namlo staff at craft fairs to increase awareness about Namlo's mission and to support the social enterprise by selling Nepali and Nicaraguan goods.

Agency: Namlo International Inc. | date posted: Jun 5, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

Parenting Time Program

If you enjoy children and would like to be active with a dynamic team of social service providers, this may be the perfect fit for you!

Agency: Family Tree | date posted: Jun 15, 2017 | date to expire: Jun 30, 2018 |

ASL Interpreter

The Delores Project is Denver’s largest provider of safe, comfortable shelter and individualized services for unaccompanied women and transgender individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Our model of service is one of hospitality, respect and regard for the dignity of each guest. We have seen an increase in demand for services from the deaf community. As communication is so critical in shelter services, we are seeking someone to assist in facilitating communication between staff and guests as well as guest to guest communication. Primary Responsibilities • Provide translation services during our twice weekly house meeting (Tuesdays and Fridays 7 pm to 8 pm). • We operate from 5 pm to 8 am Monday through Friday, and 24 hours on the weekend. If the volunteer desires, more time can be spent in the shelter to provide for communication between guests. • Maintain confidentiality of the shelter.

Agency: The Delores Project | date posted: Jun 27, 2017 | date to expire: Jun 27, 2018 |

Father Woody's Volunteer's needed

Duties for Volunteer Groups 7:00 - 1:00 Help in kitchen – serving and preparing meals Wash dishes Organize clothing donation area Organize food donation area – fridges and pantry Sweep stairs/stairwells Sweep and mop food/clothing area after noon Sweep outside (out front, around the house, and the alley), take out trash, Wipe down refrigerators (outside and bottom of inside) Make copies for front desks – staple ‘welcome packets’ for new guests Break down boxes outside Make medications for front desk Make laundry ‘tags’ (“name, date and tag #” on each note card) Print and cut out “clothing slips” Vacuum shoe shelves (Tuesday or Thursday or after 1:00) Make hygiene packs Fold, seal and stamp thank-you letters Scrub mop-drains Scrub kitchen mats, around 10:00 Tally clothing handed out (see blue notebook in laundry department) 1:00-2:30 Breakdown and set up dining room Sweep and mop stairs Roll silverware Vacuum stairs Wipe down doors and walls Clean baseboards and wipe down walls on main level Fill creamers and sugars Scrub bathroom floors Wipe down blinds Other tasks: Inventory data quantification: guests, meals, clothing, hygiene packs, showers, etc. Cosmetology/barber training Administrative assistant tasks for offices Check mail for guests, All suggestions for further use of skills are accepted Massage Therapist Pet Clinic GED Classes Money Management Training Employment Readiness Classes NA/AA Meetings Yoga Trainer Art Classes Dietitian Nurse

Agency: Father Woody's Haven of Hope | date posted: Aug 29, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

Chinook Fund's Giving Project

Chinook Fund is proud to collaborate with 6 other community foundations and justice funders in the national development of this innovative philanthropy model. The Giving Project brings together a diverse group of people at all income levels who are passionate about social change and want to strengthen their skills in fundraising, grantmaking, and community building. Participants work together to deepen their understanding of social justice principles in order to support grassroots organizations that build power for social change in Colorado. How does the Giving Project work? The Giving Project is a process. It requires a commitment of your time, talent, and resources over a period of six months. The basic Giving Project structure is: A diverse group of up to 25 individuals commits to gathering 9 times over the course of 6 months. Through workshops and trainings, the group develops a shared understanding of race, class, and power within society. Each person makes a meaningful financial gift — whatever that means for you. Each person commits to fundraising from their friends, family and community to support the financial goal of the group. Chinook Fund’s staff will train you in grassroots fundraising and provide lots of support. Each member is trained in Chinook Fund’s democratic grantmaking process. As a participant, you will read and score proposals, participate in site visits, make collective decisions, and grant money to some of the most inspiring, effective social change work in Colorado.

Agency: Chinook Fund | date posted: Aug 31, 2017 | date to expire: Jan 1, 2018 |

Kitchen Volunteer

Help with kitchen operations such as food prep, sorting food, dishwashing, cleaning, wiping/bussing tables, etc.

Agency: SAME Café | date posted: Sep 8, 2017 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2017 |

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