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Mr. David Lestrick phone: (720)255-1847

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To Educate, Entertain, Inspire and Empower. Youth and Child Development, Talent Development, Safety for kids and teens. Performing arts education.


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Culture, music and the arts | Youth and families |


Help Teach Kids the ABCs - Remotely |

Volunteer Opportunity

Help Teach Kids the ABCs - Remotely

Description: We are producing a series of videos with people speaking and singing the ABCs for young children. College students would be such a great experience for young children to see doing the ABCs. These new experiences helps them to learn and remember quickly. Help us teach kids by using your phone or recorder to video yourself (selfie) and or friends or teachers saying or singing the ABC song in a fun way for young kids ages 3 to 5. First introduce yourself and say what you are studying, and explain what that is to a 5 yr. old. Then proceed to speak the alphabet and when you get to the letter of your first name, say "and my name starts with the letter....", then ask the camera, (5 yr.old kid watching) "what does your name start with?"...pause for a moment as if you're listening to them respond.... and continue saying the ABCs. Then sing it! Let it shine in your own style. If you play an instrument, play it! It you're in a band, video the band doing their own special version, if you're in the choir, let's hear those voices sing the ABCs! - Thanks!

Requirements for volunteers: NOTICE: By sending a video you agree that KIDS INC. becomes the owner of all videos and they become the sole property of KIDS INC. All rights retained. KIDS INC. may alter, edit, and redistribute at its sole discretion.

MULTILINGUAL - It would be a privilege to have anyone that is native in a second or more language to complete the assignment in both English and native language.

SIGN LANGUAGE - If you can sing and sign, bring it on!


Number of Volunteers Needed: 100
Time Commitment: Flexible
Instructions for Registering for this Opportunity: This is a remote volunteer position. Registration is complete at time video is delivered along with students name and email. Once you have a video complete, you may use this short url which will direct you to our dropbox where you may drop the video file. Alternatively, you may upload to any platform and we will download it from there. Send link with your name and email to: NOTE: SOCIAL MEDIA - if you are on social media and would like to share the final mixed versions with your mates, make sure to include your links.

Availability: Weekday - No | Weekend: Yes | Morning: No | Evening: Yes | Afternoon: No
Expires on: December 01 2017
Is Public Transportation Available: Yes

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