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Ms. Janina Schan phone: + (506) 8570-0710

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We focus on community oriented projects that actually make a difference for nature, animals & people in one of the world's most biodiverse and pristine jungles.


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Education and tutoring | International |


Solar Power Project-A hands on workshop |

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Solar Power Project-A hands on workshop

Description: One of the goals of our Solar Power Workshop is to provide solar power to schools and rural communities on the Osa Peninsula. The Osa Peninsula is a very remote region of Costa Rica, and one of the most biodiverse regions in the world with a large protected rainforest. Many communities and elementary schools are located entirely off-grid and don't have any electricity for basic needs such as lights. We install the solar equipment as a donation to the schools/ communities and make the installation an integral part for our Solar Power Project group. You'll help an experienced installer to get the installation done, and learn how to do it at the same time.

Another goal of the project is to educate locals on solar energy and show them how easy it is to build, install, and use. Solar energy is known here, but generally the locals believe it's expensive and therefore unaffordable to them. Many don't have any knowledge on solar energy but use solar equipment at their home, and use / install it wrongly. We take care of all workshop materials and even provide small kits to locals to purchase so they can "build their own" solar panel at home. As a participant on our project, you'll work alongside the locals in the hands-on solar panel building part, and also during the installation of the solar equipment. Cultural integration and mixing our foreign participants and local participants is a crucial aspect for our project. You as a participant will gain an understanding of the basic engineering principles of photovoltaic power during our theory lessons throughout the workshop. During our hands-on workshop part you'll learn how solar panels are built and maintained, assemble all the solar panel parts, install solar panels, and educate the community. You'll also receive some amazing guest-lectures on topics related to renewable energies in Costa Rica, and more in depth economic and solar power analysis.

We also offer some down time throughout the workshop. There will be a couple of days off (during the 2 week course in June) and also some afternoons or mornings will be free, so that you can go to the beach or just relax. It's important to us to have a good balance between work and free time to enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer.

Our nextSolar Power Workshop in Costa Rica will beJune 17th – July 1st 2017.

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Number of Volunteers Needed: 10
Time Commitment: One Time Event
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Availability: Weekday - No | Weekend: No | Morning: No | Evening: No | Afternoon: No
Expires on: June 17 2017
Is Public Transportation Available: No

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