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Pamelagrace Okeke phone: 7204236366

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We will do what it takes to keep students in school, help them learn, and prepare them for success in college, their careers, and life.


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Education and tutoring |


Academic Success Facilitator |

Volunteer Opportunity

Academic Success Facilitator

Description: I am assisting students in their recovery of class credit, through an online program called APEX. Due to the several classes that are going on simultaneously, it is difficult for me to give the needed one on one attention. The responsibilities of the tutors would be to pull the student(s) aside for 30-40 minutes in order to help them study the concepts before their subsequent quizzes. The goal is that each scholar completes at least one quiz each school day.

Requirements for volunteers: Interests/Proficiency in Math (Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry), English (Intro to Literature, American Literature, Contemporary Literature) , Social Studies (US and World History), and Science (Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry).

Here's the schedule Mon-Thur: 1st block is from 11:09 to 12:02; 2nd block is from 12:41-1:34, and the 3rd block is from 1:53-2:46. It would be great to have 4-5 people each block and overlaps are definitively welcome!

Number of Volunteers Needed: 15
Time Commitment: Flexible
Instructions for Registering for this Opportunity: I am open to various types of availability. Include the earliest date that you can start, as well as dates that you won't be available.

Availability: Weekday - Yes | Weekend: No | Morning: No | Evening: No | Afternoon: No
Expires on: May 15 2017
Is Public Transportation Available: Yes

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