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Working Warrior Group

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Mr. Steve Starck phone: 813.690.4716

Agency Description:

Working Warriors Group is a non-profit organization that partners with our military Veterans by providing them specialized training, certification and licensing needed to secure current or future employment opportunities through donations and grants.

Too many Veterans are falling through the cracks and feel they have been left behind. We have built a platform that creates an additional safety net for those transitioning Veterans in need of employment. Working Warriors Group provides national outreach for willing participants and provides them the required training, certifications and continued support. We will work to partner with any interested companies.

This isn't job placement in cubicles; this is helping heroes realize their potential.


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Economic Development, Poverty and/or homelessness | Education and tutoring |


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Volunteer Opportunity


Description: We are looking for a volunteer: Someone the has experience with WordPress and advanced computer skills.

Requirements for volunteers: none

Number of Volunteers Needed: 2
Time Commitment: Flexible
Instructions for Registering for this Opportunity: contact Steve @ 813.690.4716

Availability: Weekday - Yes | Weekend: Yes | Morning: Yes | Evening: Yes | Afternoon: Yes
Expires on: November 29 2019
Is Public Transportation Available: Yes

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