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Common Questions

  1. My DU ID and password were not accepted. What do I do? Ensure that you are using your current DU WebCentral password. If you still cannot login, you will need to reset your password.
  2. I signed up to volunteer, but there was not a specific time to show up. What do I do? If you signed up for a volunteer opportunity that was “flexible” or had many times available, you will need to coordinate directly with that agency’s contact to make arrangements.
    If you have questions about an opportunity, ask them in the confirmation email during the sign-up process. You may also confirm date, time, and location with the agency and provide your alternate contact information for the agency in this email if you choose.
  3. Why do I have to sign a release form? It is required that you read and sign the release of liability form. It is important that students, faculty and staff are aware that volunteering provides an exciting opportunity to provide valuable service to areas and people in need and to experience new places, kinds of work, different cultures and customs and teamwork. However, the very difference of the experience also poses some risks that should be carefully thought about by each participant. This document attempts to highlight some of these risks.
  4. How do I log my volunteer hours and why should I do this? You can log your hours by logging into the DU Something: Volunteer system. After you have signed in, you will be sent to your volunteer profile, where you will see a list of opportunities that you have signed up for. Only events you have signed up for through DU Something: Volunteer are listed on this page. Choose the event you wish to log hours for and enter the number of hours you have worked. By logging your hours, you are able to keep track of your involvement in an easy and efficient manner. A list of your logged hours can be printed out and turned in for use with your resume, or for a scholarship, class or program that requires volunteer hours.
  5. I found an opportunity I am interested in, but how do I get more information? You may contact the agency directly to learn more about the opportunities they have for volunteers.
  6. None of the opportunities listed interest me, but I still want to volunteer. Are there other opportunities available? Check back to DU Something: Volunteer often, as new opportunities are added daily. There are also opportunities available all across the Denver Metro area. You may contact us at to find other agencies and opportunities that fit your skills and schedule.
  7. I do not have a DU ID number. What should I do? Anyone may search our volunteer database, but only DU community members may sign-up to volunteer through our DU Something: Volunteer system. If you wish to volunteer, you may contact an agency directly. Search for your local United Way Volunteer Center at or visit volunteer websites like Metro Volunteers or Volunteer Match.
  8. Community Partners:

    1. I would like to post a volunteer opportunity. What do I do? On the right, click on Submit your Opportunities. From here, you can enter your organization information, create a login, and enter up to 3 volunteer opportunities at a time. Your login will allow you to add other opportunities in the future, edit or inactivate opportunities, and see who has signed up to volunteer with your organization.
    2. I posted a volunteer opportunity. What happens now? First, your opportunity will be approved within 2 business days. After that, the opportunity will appear in the DU Something: Volunteer database. Students will be able to view and sign up for this opportunity. If you need to change or inactivate this opportunity, please return to and sign in.
    3. I forgot my username and password. Email volunteer[at]du[dot]edu with your organization name and contact information to retrieve your username and password.
    4. I have more than 3 volunteer opportunities to add to post. You will need to enter 3 volunteer opportunities at a time. Once you have created a login, you do not need to re-enter your organization information. You can login and click “Add New Volunteer Opportunities.”
    5. I received an email from a student interested in volunteering! What now? The email you received from the student should include contact information as well as the content of the posting they are responding to. It is now between you and student to work out the details of their service. If the student included any questions in their email please respond and confirm the time and location of the volunteer opportunities.
    6. A student signed up to volunteer and didn’t come. What can I do? The University of Denver does not pre-screen volunteers or volunteer opportunities on DU Something: Volunteer. It is between the student and the community partner to determine the suitability of a volunteer match.
    7. Who can post volunteer opportunities? Non-profits organizations can post volunteer opportunities. Individuals needing specialized services (i.e. tutoring, babysitting, etc.) or agencies seeking interns or staff may post these opportunities with DU's Student Employment Office (

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