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Rural Community Development

All the volunteers will be located according to the their application form

Agency: YOUTH AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATION | date posted: Jul 29, 2011 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2016 |

Volunteer Work and Cultural Exchange Opportunities in Africa

EXPERIENCE: éé has it. You want an African experience, from wherever you are in the world to Africa with projects from helping Kids in Uganda to teaching Massai in Tanzania.

CULTURES: You want to emersed into a completely different life, with Africa's most unique tribe the Massai, a culture that reminds you of who you are and where in the world you belong .

LEARN: You want a project that speaks your personality; an experience to add something into your CV or college credit.

EXPLORE: You want to get into a real African safari, an opportunity that takes you to explore the BIG 5 and ultimate primates.If you are looking to go with the organisation that really connects and cares about the local communities, the people, cultures and environment. Then you've come to the right choice!

Agency: Ethical Encounters - Volunteers Holidays! | date posted: Apr 1, 2013 | date to expire: Jul 23, 2016 |

Volunteer Work and Cultural Exchange Opportunities in Africa

- Volunteer to teach in rural schools - Volunteer to build community projects - Volunteer with orphaned kids

Agency: Ethical Encounters - Volunteers Holidays! | date posted: Apr 23, 2013 | date to expire: Mar 30, 2018 |


Teaching, medical services, ICT ,orphanage homes, assist families, sports activities culture and arts, music, health campaigns and public education

Agency: Friendship Ambassadors Foundation Ghana | date posted: Nov 4, 2013 | date to expire: Dec 24, 2014 |

Volunteering Projects and Opportunities in Thailand

Volunteer can participate in childcare, teaching, wildlife and conservation, community development, work an elephant camp and much more.

Agency: Volunteering Solutions | date posted: Mar 18, 2014 | date to expire: Oct 31, 2015 |

Public Outreach and Education

Marketing through Subject-Specific Sources

Includes sending listings and announcements of workshops to organizations and groups like the Early Childhood Council of Boulder County, the Boulder County Arts Alliance, various Permaculture Online Sources, and more on a monthly basis.

Media Blasting

Includes blasts of workshops (or photos, resources, articles) to Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, and Daily Camera Events, as well as Denver Urban Homesteaders group.

Seasonal Marketing

Includes marketing pushes for summer camp and homeschool program--getting ads into publications on time, contacting schools to get flyers i nto the hands of parents, etc. This only happens at certain times during the year.


Includes peppering Boulder, Denver and all surrounding areas with flyers and postcards with some regularity. May include visits to specific sites (ex: Parenting Place, schools for summer camp promotion).

Workshop Description Writing and Image Sourcing

Includes writing workshop descriptions for instructors who aren't inclined towards writing, editing existing descriptions, adding content, finding photos where they don't exist and requesting permission for use. This may involve actual event creation within Event Espresso on our website.

Information Packet Creation

Includes dialoguing/emailing with instructors in advance of their workshops to secure information packets to hand out to participants. May involve some amount of writing, editing or research for additional content, creation of cover page and communicating with our printer.

Agency: The Living Arts School | date posted: Jul 8, 2014 | date to expire: Jul 7, 2015 |

Operations Support

Registration Management and Assistance

Includes assisting participants who are having difficulty registering online, or having difficulty with Paypal—following up with folks who have registered but not paid, handling cancellations and refunds, workshop swaps and other registration related details. Involves sending out email reminders to participants 3-5 days prior to workshops with specific directions to the site and any reminders specific to the workshop.

Paperwork Organization and Collection

Includes collecting paperwork for workshops and children's programs, filing, requesting missing paperwork and fulfilling licensing requirements.

Agency: The Living Arts School | date posted: Jul 8, 2014 | date to expire: Jul 7, 2015 |

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