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Rural Community Development

All the volunteers will be located according to the their application form

Agency: YOUTH AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATION | date posted: Jul 29, 2011 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2016 |

Reading for Peace

Once a week during the school year we read to children in metro area schools. We bring many volunteers to a classroom sa groups are intentially small, usually 2-3 children per volunteer. The books we read are selected by The Conflict Center to reinforce the skills that the classroom teacher is teaching while adding skills around peacemaking, relationship building, problem-solving and violence prevention. This gives kids a positive interaction time to have adult attention, to learn more about conflict and anger management, and to talk about how they can apply the skills they learn.

Agency: The Conflict Center | date posted: Aug 14, 2014 | date to expire: May 5, 2015 |

Volunteer Coach

As a volunteer coach you will work alongside other CAC coaches (volunteers and senior staff) at one or more of our partner programs. We typically stay at each partner program for 1-2 weeks. Depending on the length of your volunteering, you may volunteer in several communities and possibly several different countries during your trip. Prior to your departure we will provide you with coach training (see below), but you will also learn a lot in your first few days On-Field with the expectation that you are a full CAC coach by the end of your first week, capable of training local leaders at that time.

Agency: Coaches Across Continents | date posted: Oct 15, 2014 | date to expire: Dec 31, 2016 |

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